Workshop for Review of Web-Based Classroms

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Monitoring and publication notes on eSchool4S network project implementation progress

From meeting to meeting

There is clear, general satisfaction with the atmosphere at meetings. This was evident from comments from the first meeting–kick-off workshop in Bucharest, Romania from 2nd to 4th April 2014, for instance “very good team spirit and engagement of members” and with over 90% of participants being very satisfied concerning the process to get to know each other.

Clearly, the first meeting was important to discuss management issues. For this stage the 50% satisfaction and 41% highly satisfied rate with management and pre-information is very good. A crucial issue at kick-off meetings is clarity of next aims and work plans. Again, the 50% very satisfied and 42% satisfied is a good rate for this stage.

There were 19 responses to the online questionnaire on the second meeting – 1st Annual Conference in Esslingen, Germany. This is a very good rate of return for an online questionnaire revealing the levels of engagement in the team. In this questionnaire, the focus was on the next working steps. In general, it can definitely be said that most team members are fairly clear about the next steps and there were positive comments about the value of the event. The conference, which was open to educators outside the network, was evaluated through a questionnaire distributed in paper at the end of the conference. Issues addressed centered on the general atmosphere, suitability of venue, make-up of participants etc. and also on the opportunities to discuss important project-related topics. From responses and comments it can be seen that the conference was extremely well received and considered to be of great value. There were 27 responses and many took care to add detailed comments both on the positive general learning, content and input about sustainability and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), knowledge about Moodle, knowledge about how people learn.

The planning of the “Workshop for review and evaluation of web-based and e-learning materials” in Svaty Jur, Slovakia from 24th to 25th, June 2015 was well co-ordinated between the partners in Svaty Jur and from Innsbruck. The workshop ran smoothly with excellent feedback from participants on organisation and e-learning content. The feedback to the workshop was included as an activity on the Moodle platform. 70% indicated that expectations were at least generally met with 53% well satisfied. Satisfaction with the venue was high at 94% with good and above and 71% at very satisfied. The working atmosphere at the workshop was equally praised with 94% at good and above with the remaining 5% at generally good. This feedback is a clear indicator that the network team as a whole is beginning to knit together. 94% were satisfied with discussion opportunities with 64% above average satisfaction.

Ongoing developments

At this stage in the project, it is also interesting to look at general developments and to pose questions.

A pivotal issue is: To what extent has the basic idea been fulfilled?

“Multi-national, multi-level network involving stakeholders in the education sector, teacher training institutions, schools, teachers and classes for joint development, testing, demonstrating & disseminating innovative e-teaching concepts for secondary schools”.

The involvement of an appropriate range of institutions has clearly been achieved through the establishment of the consortium consisting of 10 partners: universities, umbrella institutions, initial teacher education and CPD, NGO’s, e-development company and also through the way in which the liaising was conducted during the early stages of the project.


In many areas, the project is on schedule concerning e.g. the work packages to initiate and kick-off of the project. Meetings have been held appropriately as the kick-off workshop, 1st Annual Conference and workshop in Svaty Jur.

The Baseline Study was efficiently managed and all partners contributed to a valuable document. A lot of work was invested into writing and re-writing the report. The workshop in Svaty Jur made an important contribution to project development giving partners a further opportunity to work together again face2face, to concretise the project and also to relate to classroom reality.

Christine Lechner, PHT