Workshop Evaluation & revision of the eSchool4S web-based classrooms

Minutes of the Workshop "Evaluation & revision of the eSchool4S web-based classrooms"

Agenda of the workshop – 1st day

  1. Opening: Welcome of the students for all participants (folk tradition). Introduction of officials and guests.
  2. Official opening: Welcome by the coordinator of the project. Introduction to the programme of the workshop.
  3. Official welcome by the host 73 SOU with teaching foreign languages “Vladislav Gramatik” (73SOU).
  4. Congratulatory address by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education
  5. Official intervention by the Ministry of Education Bulgaria – Presentation about state of ICT in schools and opportunity for e-Learning and teaching. Plans for future development.
  6.  73 SOU - an example of reasonable investment in ICT equipment foreseeing in meeting future demands on the school system.
  7. Update on the achieved progress of project implementation.
  8. Implementation of the first testing phase of the eSchool4S.
  9. Presentation and discussion of the evaluation report of the first testing phase.
  10. Introduction: Peer review of all courses of the eSchool4s-Moodle Platform  
  11. Detailed evaluation of each of the web-based classrooms (Exchange of experience from the web-based class-rooms (initial term))
  12. Conclusions and recommendations concerning the further optimization of the eSchool4S-Platform and Courses
  13. Closing remarks

 Moderation: Gabriela Pico (GIZ)

Agenda of the workshop – 2nd day

  1. Continuation of Working groups’ session: to summarize the points and next steps to improve the Moodle-courses considering the work of the day before, results and recommendations contained in the evaluation report.
  2. Presentation in the plenary of the overall results of the working groups sessions: conclusions and recommendations regarding the further improvement of design, content, structure and procedure of the web-based classrooms, including next steps & deadlines
  3. Next steps, review and, if necessary, revision of the WP14
  4. Next steps & deadlines - WP 15, WP 16
  5. Crucial issues for successfully implementation of WP 14, WP 15, WP 16:

- Recruitment of further teachers, pupils, schools for the 2nd testing phase and further implementation phases

- Ideas for guaranteeing further existence of the Moodle-Platform

- Courses after project termination in December 2016

  1. Financial issues
  2. Any other business: Newsletter distribution list, Copyrights form, Status Baseline Study Update, etc.

 Moderation: Gabriela Pico (GIZ)

Rationale and expected outcome:

One of the most important products of the project eSchool4S is the Moodle-Platform for E-learning on Education for sustainable Development (ESD).  Indeed, the Moodle-Platform constitutes the project’s most tangible and visible service which allows to approach the main target groups (i.e. teachers, students, schools) and also other relevant stakeholders active in the education sector as well as possible sponsors and supporters in all partner countries.

The inclusion of the aforementioned stakeholders in future stages of project implementation is crucial in order to consolidate the eSchool4S- multinational and multilevel network on ESD in the Danube Region, guarantee adequate impact and also continuation after official project termination.

Since the Moodle-Platform plays such a crucial role, the project approach foresees two testing phases and feedback rounds. These feedback rounds aim at optimizing the quality of the Moodle-Platform and Courses and guaranteeing fit with the needs/expectations of the main target groups. The higher the quality and attractiveness of the platform and the courses , the more stakeholders would be motivated to join the eSchool4s -network, actively  use the Platform/Courses and support the overall dissemination and continuation  of the project approach. 

The workshop takes place after the Moodle-Platform has been created, the teachers training has been implemented, all courses have been improved on the basis of the eSchool4S-didactic concept and structure  [1]and were declared to be ready to test by partners[2] and the first testing phase has been conducted.

In this context, the main goal of the workshop is that partners/participants become familiar with the implementation and results of the first testing phase of web-based classrooms of the eSchool4S-Moodle-Platform for e-Learning on ESD. During the workshop, the evaluation report of the testing phase will be presented and conclusions and recommendations for further optimization of the e-Learning materials will be discussed. 

The expected outcome of the workshop would be that course developers/partners take with them concrete inputs to optimize the quality of their courses from different perspectives (e.g. content, didactic/pedagogical needs reported from teachers and students, etc.)

[1] As discussed during the 2nd Annual Conference and internal workshop in November 2015 and after having received a feedback form the coordinator.

[2] In some cases, some lessons still need to be finalized.