College of Nyíregyháza

Our Mission

Observing the principles of establishment and operation stated in the Law on Higher Education, the College of Nyíregyháza, building on its former experience, values and results, wishes to become a higher educational knowledge centre in North-East Hungary that has a deep understanding of the regional social and economic situation, contributes to the human resources of a knowledge-based economy, enhances local processes in an innovative way, thus reduces the extent of underdevelopment compared to other parts of Hungary. Both the higher level expert training system and the R&D&I activities serve this purpose.

Prix d’Excellence

The International Real Estate Federation and the Wall Street Journal awarded the campus of the college Prix d’Excellence in the public sector category.

Recreation and infrastructure

Due to its outstanding infrastructure, built environment and geographic location, the one-site campus of the college provides various leisure, entertainment and recreation facilities for its employees, students and visitors. The swimming pool, the fitness gym, the sport-grounds, the stable, the athletic stadium, as well as the clubs and restaurants are open during the whole year. Moreover, our park with its musical fountain and particular microclimate is ideal for rest and relaxation.

The campus buildings of the college are equipped with the most modern infrastructure and educational AV devices.  Multimedia devices that are freely accessible for students assist the marketable and practice-oriented training system and create the conditions for a cultivated way of obtaining wide ranging knowledge.

The college takes pride in the fact that it has two event halls. The Bessenyei Aula in the Student Information Centre is a conference room with a seating capacity of 600 persons, ballroom and exhibition centre, scene for several successful conferences, concerts, artistic and sport events. The Kodály Zoltán Cultural Centre in the recently renovated Building B has a seating capacity of 1200 persons. This hall – due to its modern equipment, excellent acoustics and easily variable setting-up – is host to a number of theatrical events, classical and rock concerts, sparring matches, balls, conferences, lectures, meetings and competitions.

Student Life

Half of our students study full time. The Student Government Organization assists the integration of students and their cultivated leisure activities. This latter one is helped by the entertainment facilities on the campus.

Students can attend several cultural programmes, from minor ones to great festivals. The most popular events, the Gólyabál (First Year Ball) and the Student Week Festival attract thousands of visitors every year.

Due to the wide variety of educational offerings, there are several young artists, humorists, dancers, musicians and fine artists among our students, who regularly reveal their talent, present their hobbies at exhibitions and cultural programmes. The evening events of the departments and the graduates’ farewell parties also have a long tradition.

Apart from entertainment, our sport facilities provide an opportunity for active leisure, athletics, ball games, swimming and horse riding.

Students engaged in research can take an active part in the work of the departments, and present their findings at Scientific Student Assembly Conferences.

The Főiskolai Tükör, the monthly periodical of the college.

Equal opportunity

Great emphasis is laid upon creating equal opportunity and meeting the special material requirements. Our buildings are accessible, and the student hostel has a wing with special rooms for the convenience and comfort of disabled persons.

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