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73 School with teaching foreign languages "Vladislav Grammatik" (http://sou73.bg/) is known as the "Second German School". Created in 1968 during 1981/1982 was declared as republican leader and were awarded with honorary title "Exemplary".

In recent years, the school is among the first schools in the capital and the country in cassation for high scores matriculation. The achieved results make 73 High School one of the most desirable schools. In the school are trained motivated, intelligent and ambitious students. Teaching staff consists of highly qualified teachers who achieved remarkable results. Besides a good education, the school offers to obtain a German language diploma (Deutsches Sprachdiplom), issued by the Confederation of Education Ministers in Germany, after successfully passing the exam in 12th grade. This certification ensures a high level of proficiency and entitles training at universities in Germany and Austria. Except German in school are taught Russian, French and English as a second language. Our students graduate with good general knowledge and a minimum of two or three foreign languages. This gives them admission to one of the most prestigious European and world universities.

The project team consists of innovative teachers with proven success in their field and eager to gain experience and implementation of new training methods.

Information about the project was published on the front page of the school website.

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73 School with teaching foreign languages "Vladislav Gramatik"