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Education is the most valuable gift we can give our children.

In Europe, we are enormously fortunate in that we have, for the most part, wonderful educational programs in place in which our children can be educated.  Every child in the UK, for example, has the absolute RIGHT to an education.  No matter what the competency level of the child, or the Special Education Needs of that child, it has a right to be given access to the same education as any other child.  This, means, that despite all children not being made equal, they are given equal access to facilities and teaching which will attempt to allow them to make the most of what they have been given and try to make the most of their skills and attributes.

not a balanced approachThe United Kingdom treats special educational needs and disabilities with the greatest of care.  Or at least, it attempts to.  Local codes of practice in each and every county will attempt to implement the Children and Families Act of 2014 as best they can, but each and every counties approach to the area is different, sadly.  If you have further questions about SEN related issues then the website senexperts.co.uk may well be able to answer them for you.

Unfortunately, everything in life comes down to budget, and local councils can sometimes be reticent to come up with the goods for SEND children, because it affects their bottom line.